August 8, 2016

Brittany & Blair | Wedding at the Fantasyland Hotel | Edmonton, Alberta

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Brittany and Blair were planning a wedding at MacDonald Island when the wildfires happened.  Like many other evacuees, they were forced to reassess plans, priorities, and for at least a week during the most uncertain times, the future of their life in Fort McMurray.   As you can imagine (or as you know!), life was a little stressful during those first few weeks.  But, it didn’t stop these two from planning the wedding of their dreams and moving the festivities to Edmonton!

In less than two months, they were able to re-plan their day, finding a new DJ, videographer, venue, officiant, decorator and florist in Edmonton. Brittany’s make-up artist drove from Calgary for a very early morning start, and I was more than happy to shoot in the city!

The wedding day was full of thoughtful details, from Kate Spade gifts, serenades and dedicating a first dance song to Brittany’s aunt and uncle (who now share an anniversary with Brittany and Blair!), a dry eye was not seen all day.  It was a beautiful day for two beautiful souls, and their sweet little guy Braxton.

Thank you two so much for having me.  The challenges certainly made the day that much sweeter, and I’m so happy you chose me to document that for you. xo

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