September 5, 2018

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Bride and groom in a canola field on a sunny Alberta day

This love story spans over a decade.  These two have been together for 14 years, a team in every way.  They officially set a wedding date last year, after many years of putting their kids first.  A lot has happened since then to test their strength as individuals and as a couple.

Laura had a breast reduction during December 2017.  Prior to her surgery, Laura had many tests including mammograms.  They were all clear.  It was the results of a biopsy performed on what was removed from her breasts that triggered doctors to investigate further.  Laura was diagnosed with cancer in January 2018.  Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer one week later.  It was devastating, to say the least.  What made it harder was the fact that they were living on opposite sides of the Country.

Laura and her mom had no choice but to be apart during intense surgeries and other medical procedures that occurred over the months leading up to the wedding day.  Planning a wedding in thick of the uncertainty and heartbreak was becoming overwhelming.  However, things really do have a funny way of working out.

All of the plans fell into place for her mid July wedding day, and her mom was able to make the trip to Alberta after undergoing her last chemo treatment.  To say that it was an emotional day would be an understatement.  It was also a happy day and most joyful celebration.

Laura and Steve were excited to share the day they had been waiting for with friends and family from all over Canada.  Steve was grinning from ear to ear from the very beginning of the day to the very end.  There was no hiding how happy they both were.

Their message is always positive despite the year that they have had:  Remember that the bad times make you stronger, and you can get through anything when you do it together.

To this beautiful couple, thank you so much for being you.  I love your positive spirits and the ease that you take whatever comes head on together.  Thank you for trusting me with this day that you dreamed of for so long.  Thank you for your vulnerability in letting me share your story.  Love you both.

Brooch attached to lace on a bouquet Bride opening gifts Bride, her mom and her daughter admiring the wedding dress the brides hand reaching in for the wedding dress Breast cancer survivor getting into her wedding dress Bride holding bouquet Bride looking out the window Wedding Ceremony at Greenland Garden in Sherwood Park Alberta Wedding Ceremony sign Bride and Groom exchanging vows Wedding Ceremony at Greenland Garden Centre in Sherwood Park Alberta Bride and groom at their wedding ceremony Bridal Party at Legacy park in Fort Saskatchewan Bride with her children Bridal party at Legacy Park in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Silhouette through bard door of Bride and Groom Bride and groom in front of a large tree Bride and groom walking in Legacy Park Bride and groom standing in front of a large tree Bride and groom in front of a large tree Bride and groom kissing Bride and groom in a canola field Sheep running around Bride and groom Bride and groom walking through a canola field

Ceremony Location, Sherwood Park


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