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Your questions about boudoir photography answered!

Why boudoir?
Women have come to these sessions for dozens of different reasons.  Whether it’s celebrating their age, their love, their weight loss and physical training efforts, their health,  pregnancy, femininity, a new found confidence or just because they’ve always wanted to, I never tire of hearing their stories.  Every story is personal and special, certainly worth celebrating, and I feel honored to be a part of each and every one.

Can I do it?
Yes, you can!  So many women arrive nervous and shy, not really sure what to expect.  After a transformation with the hair and makeup pros, and the first five minutes with me settling in for the camera, all of that disappears.  Ask anyone who has worked with me before!  We have a blast, we laugh and share stories while I direct you into sexy poses (chin out, pointed toes, arched back…it’s a work out!). 

Do you provide lingerie?
No.  A part of the reason for this is hygiene.  Another part is this is your photo shoot, and although some of you are reeeeeaaaallly stepping out of your comfort zone, your photos should reflect your style.  Bring things that you love, that speak to you.  I do have some fantastic ideas on a Pinterest Board that I can share with you and I’ll also be sending you a link to an e-magazine, upon booking, that was created for my boudoir clients. It has a great list of ideas to get you started with your own planning (that’s half the fun, right?).
Not everything you bring needs to be new, but treat yourself to one at least outfit for your session, mostly because you deserve it!!  Did you know that Fort McMurray has a lingerie shop in Eagle Ridge?  Check out Belle La Vie’s Facebook page! 
I don’t bring lingerie, but I always bring some fun choices for jewellery (except earrings), shoes (I like ’em high!), and some cover-ups for implied nude shots (grrr!).

What’s the difference between a marathon session and a private session?
First of all, to be clear:  there is no audience watching you while you work out these sexy poses!!
The marathon sessions are set up so that one lady is with our makeup artist, another with hair, and another with me in a private room for the actual photo shoot.  These sessions are usually shot at a hotel, are shorter than the private sessions (1hr), and your professional styling is included in the total price of the session. 
The private sessions are usually done at your home (or location of your choice), they are 2 – 2.5 hours (giving you more clothing choices and styling options), and the professional styling is not included in the price.

How often do you schedule the boudoir marathons?
I try to schedule one to two per month during wedding off season.  There is usually a contact and waitlist for each session, and I always follow up with them before advertising.  We usually end up with just a couple of sessions left, as we take a maximum of 5 ladies per day to make sure we can give each lady the attention she deserves!

How long will I have to wait for my photos after the session?
A maximum of three weeks.  Your photos will be uploaded to a password protected proofing site.  From there you can pick your favourite images for your included product (depending on your package), and send them to me.  Product usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for delivery in off-season (i.e. not during Christmas!).  I always try my absolute best to have photos ready for a special upcoming occasion, such as a wedding or birthday.

Will my pictures be posted online or used in your advertising?
Not unless you agree.  Of course, I would love to show other ladies your gorgeous photos, but unless you give me permission to do so, they will be our little secret :).  You can choose to allow me to share “anonymous” photos (shadowed face or from lips/chin and down, like the ones below), all photos, or none.

How do I book a session?
Contact me!
A non-refundable deposit is always required to reserve your spot.

Finally a few notes about this beauty, my gorgeous, funny friend with legs up to here.  She calls herself a tomboy.  She doesn’t look like one.  😉


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