July 20, 2014

Jessica & Family | Fort McMurray Photographers



We watched the weather all day, wondering if we were going to be able to go ahead with the session. We didn’t think about the mosquitoes, post rain.  Oh my.  We were swatting and killing them 5 or 6 at a time, easily.   Yet this family was determined to have pictures, and determined to have fun making them!  It was an evening full of making beautiful family memories, the resulting photos are gorgeous (I even enjoy the mosquitoes, they kinda look like fairy dust with the sun shining through, don’t you think?)  Well worth it, indeed 🙂

Jessica sent me a message asking if it was okay for their little princess to change into her new Cinderella dress during their family session.  Of course, it was okay!  Then she sent me a photo of it…I damn near melted.  Taylor was so excited to wear it, she kept asking if she could put it on now.  When she did….oh my.  Instant princess.  The sweetest, tiniest, princess with the most beautiful brown eyes and big smile.  Melt.  Melt.  Melt.  Then I ask if she could run to daddy.  The way the two of them got into it, both excited, shear joy, her squealing the whole way.  Seriously, the most beautiful daddy/daughter moment in life.  Like, ever.

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