October 13, 2014

Stephanie & Josh | Engagement | Fort McMurray Photographers



How appropriate that I post this session today.

My husband just left for Edmonton where he will be joining the Alberta Sheriffs this week.  He will be posted there after 10 weeks of training, which means I will be moving this coming March to join him in the city.  It hurts me to say it out loud, to be honest.  I love Fort McMurray, I came here 13 years ago with no intention of ever leaving (no five year plan here, people!).

What does that have to do with my beautiful bride and groom to be?

Well, they’re from Fort McMurray (not as rare as you might think, internet).  They know all of the trails and the beautiful hidden gems that Fort McMurray has to offer.  They brought me to the most beautiful place for their engagement photos. This session happened just after the news of our impending move, which made it an even sweeter experience, I wanted to soak it all in – enjoy it even more.  I was absolutely in my glee, and they were happy to let me go wild!

Engagement photos in Fort McMurray was an important part of their research for a wedding photographer.  However, their wedding will be held in Edmonton next summer.  See how this is all tying together?  Fate, you are a wonderful, twisted, beautiful thing.

Stephanie and Josh, thank you so much for choosing me.  I can hardly wait to meet your families (who I’ve heard so much about, already), document your beautiful day and celebrate with you! And thank you again for an absolutely amazing evening.  xoxo

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