November 27, 2014

Miss T | Boudoir Photographers | Fort McMurray, Alberta



I guess I got into the nasty habit of assuming that all of the ladies that come to me for boudoir photos are gifting them to someone special.  It’s usually a special occasion, or a celebration of some kind. During our session I asked Miss T  if this session was a gift for someone.  Her reply?  To herself.

Speaking of beautiful.  Miss T told me she was literally stomach sick when she woke up that morning.  Literally.  But, after spending time with Ruby and Mel in hair and makeup and 5 minutes in front of the camera with me, she was having a great time, all of her worries were gone and she was feeling like the gorgeous lady that she is!  She is a beauty!
“I’m in tears right now.  I NEVER feel confident.  Ever.  I am good at my job and that’s where the confidence I have comes from.  I hide under hoodies and jeans!!  This shoot made me feel so pretty and free!!  These photos have opened my eyes–I have no idea who this girl is!!  I know I want to see her more often!!  I cannot thank you enough for this.  Thank you for helping me come out of my shell.”

Miss T, never doubt yourself for one minute, ever again.  You are amazing.  Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful photos!
Hair and makeup by the best team a girl could hope for:

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