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I did something I’ve never done, it was completely on a whim.  The thought literally came to me one minute before it was posted on Facebook, and the messages and comments began.  I asked for someone to be my boudoir model; someone who would be completely okay with their photos going public and being used in marketing materials; and, someone that reflects my average client.  In return that lovely lady would receive a free boudoir session.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response, I had no idea the post would attract so much interest.  Although, I hadn’t asked for personal stories, they started pouring in.  I’m not going to lie, I had no idea how I was going to choose.  How could I choose between stories of low self confidence and weight loss journeys?  What scale or grading system could possibly be used to measure such things?  And, did I even want to be the judge of that at all?  My husband tells me that I overthink everything.  Maybe I do.  I knew that no matter what I decided I would offend someone and I did, negative messages were private messaged to my Facebook page.  It bummed me out.  My husband tells me that I can’t please everyone.  I think there’s no harm in trying.
Alas, I made a decision.  One woman commented simply stating her age and the ages of her two children.  I creeped her Facebook page.  Her cover photo stated “Just in case no one told you today…You are good enough”.  Something kept pulling me back to her, I wasn’t sure why, but I went with it.
She showed up with her 20 year old daughter for support, a story that broke my heart, and a spirit that absolutely moved me.  The question of why I was drawn to her was answered.  She needed this, she deserved this and the universe brought us together to make sure it happened.

On your journey to self love, a boudoir session may be the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or it may be a celebration of allowing yourself to love yourself fearlessly and fiercely!  The most important thing is that you remind yourself everyday that you are worth it – the universe will take care of the rest.  xoSpecial thanks to two wonderful ladies who always make our girls look and feel amazing in the “getting ready room”…

Hair:  Mel Houston
Makeup:  Angela Dean



















Chrystal Stringer | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

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