Audrey & Robin | 10 Year Anniversary Photo Session in Fort McMurray, Alberta

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Anyone that knows me knows that Audrey has been a big part of my life since coming to Fort McMurray.  I was so fortunate to meet her on February 4, 2002 (yes, I remember the date, it’s our friendiversary!) when we started a new job together.  I arrived first and sat waiting for “the other new girl”, and that was probably the last time I arrived anywhere before Audrey did.  When she arrived, our new boss sat us down told us that we would be working on a shift together, and said “you two better get along”.  Fifteen years later, I still remember that morning like it was yesterday.

Audrey and Robin had been together for about 5 years at that point.  Just like the morning I met Audrey, I remember liking Robin instantly, too.  Over the years we have spent countless hours chatting over a bottle of wine, enjoying turkey dinners, talking about music and just visiting.  We have celebrated weddings, holidays, and birthdays, and we saw some pretty crappy times too.  They both saw me through some of the toughest times in my life, and never expected anything in return.  That’s just the people they are.

I remember a conversation with Audrey just after my husband and I got engaged.  And, I remember her wanting assurance that I was happy, and me responding with “I like him”.  There was obviously more to the conversation than just those three words, but those were the ones she was happiest to hear because that is what she thought was most important.  After that conversation I reflected back to all of my memories of her and Robin together.  They were about 5 years into their marriage and 15 years together at this point.  It was clear that even through tougher times they were considerate and they never had any crazy expectations of one another…they just ‘like’ each other.

Anyway, before I start to cry trying to type this…

They have been together for 20 years now, married for 10, and it’s no trouble to tell when they are together.  They know each other well.  Robin knows exactly what buttons to push to get a “ROBIN!!” out of Audrey.  Audrey knows exactly when to roll her eyes and pay no attention when Robin is giving all of us a run down of the worst possible scenario, in any given situation.

It was my absolute honour to be able to document a celebration of their first 10 years married, I can’t wait to do it again at 20!

For those who know Audrey and Robin….

That’s more like it!

Chrystal Stringer | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

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