I love V’s style. She can pull off super feminine pink, lace and pearls and badass black leather and hot red lips within one hour.  She not only pulled each look off, she killed them all! V is also a photographer here in Fort McMurray and she shot my boudoir photos just a few weeks […]

Miss V | Boudoir Photography | Fort McMurray, Alberta

So there was no way I could wait any longer!! [My boyfriend] was super surprised and speechless. He LOVED them :).  He said he’s proud I’m his girl and proud I went of my comfort zone to do something like that. I told him it’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever experienced! So, […]

Miss J | Boudoir Photos | Fort McMurray, AB

Miss J showed up with a fur coat, I knew this one was going to be amazing!  Her beautiful, natural look, with just the perfect mix of glam, and Ruby did an amazing job showcasing that.  This along with the coat, the beautiful lacey sets she chose, a little moodier lighting and her nailing every […]

Miss J | Boudoir | Fort McMurray, Alberta Photographers

Mr. S gave her this session for Christmas.  He told me he was taking a gamble.  She had never mentioned wanting a photo shoot and he wasn’t sure how comfortable she would be, but he was super excited (and curious) to find out how she would react!  The curiosity was getting the best of him and […]

Mrs. S | Boudoir Photographer | Fort McMurray, Alberta

I guess I got into the nasty habit of assuming that all of the ladies that come to me for boudoir photos are gifting them to someone special.  It’s usually a special occasion, or a celebration of some kind. During our session I asked Miss T  if this session was a gift for someone.  Her […]

Miss T | Boudoir Photographers | Fort McMurray, Alberta

It was Thanksgiving Sunday when I took a break from Halloween decorating with my family to check messages.  I had received a message Miss S. asking if I would be willing to document the changes in her body through reconstructive surgery after losing one breast to cancer.  I was immediately brought to tears.  What a […]

Miss S. | Fort McMurray, Alberta Photographers