If these fun, light-hearted winter photos don’t make you absolutely fall in love with these two, I don’t know what will.  Although, during our session Karla and Shawn told me that they are originally from Ontario.  They moved (separately) to a small town in the mountains many years ago now, where they met.  They moved (together) to […]

Karla & Shawn | Fort McMurray, Alberta Photographers

These two.  What can I say?  They are absolutely beautiful, so in love, and absolute sweethearts.  It was a little chilly, and Krystal braved a dress.  That’s kind of a big deal in Fort McMurray this time of year!  They were willing to try anything, stand on stumps, walk in the woods, anything at all […]

Krystal & Evan | Fort McMurray Photographers

It was before the snowfall (not that we have a lot of snow), but “Fall” was becoming scarce when I met up with Renee, Danny and baby Brynlee.  We certainly had to look for what remained of fallen leaves and yellows and oranges, but we found some beautiful places for this beautiful family. Mommy and […]

Brynlee | Family Photographers | Fort McMurray, Alberta

As moms, sometimes we forget how important it is to have photos of ourselves with our families.  This is even more true for photographers.  We love being on the other side of the lens, in complete control of the scene, making great photos of our families…sans mommy.  This is Crystal.  She is the photographer behind […]

The Mercredi’s | Family Photographers | Fort McMurray, Alberta

Nicole wanted fun photos of her and Chase together, acting silly and having great time together, because that’s what they do!  These two love each other beyond any words that I could use to describe it with here.  Chase the coolest little dude, a gaming fanatic, and the sweetest little-mommy-loving-six-year-old-gentleman that you’ll ever meet.  He […]

Nicole & Chase | Family Photographers | Fort McMurray, AB

I’m not gonna to lie, I stalk Virginia’s Facebook page (we are Facebook friends….I’m not THAT creepy) to look at pictures of her children!  They are gorgeous, and so full of life, and (it appears) that they are always happy and smiling (I’m sure mommy and daddy would disagree that this is ALWAYS the case…). […]

The Frank’s | Family Photographers | Fort McMurray, Alberta