One day before leaving for the Dominican Republic, we gathered The Mill Woods United Church, with a tiny group of family and friends to witness their legal ceremony.

Edmonton Winter Wedding

Silhouette of bride and groom against sunset and snow at Mill Woods Park - Edmonton Wedding

If you ask Melonie how she would describe her wedding theme, she would tell you it was “Cinderella goes to the pub”. She struggled with where to hold the reception, having a strong desire to host a party where everyone would feel like celebrating without the feeling of formality.  She struggled with her dress – […]

Melonie & Cranley | Married | Fort McMurray, Alberta Wedding Photographers

Stephanie and her sister met me at my home office with books and checklists.  They had a set of questions and tons of excitement.  They grilled me about how the day would go.  Her sister glancing a wedding planning book every now and and making notes as we went.  It was the first wedding in […]

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald Wedding | Stephanie + Josh

After the ceremony, and after formal photos with their wonderful families, there were just the three of us. I was getting into position when I saw Jon, out of the corner of my eye, put his hand under Brittney’s chin and ever so gently pull her face to his for a kiss.  It was beautiful.  […]

Brittney & Jon | Fort McMurray, Alberta Wedding Photographers

Recipe for an unforgettable wedding day (feel free to write this down somewhere for future reference!): 2 gorgeous people, who are madly in love 1 good looking and fun bridal party A sprinkle of champagne (okay, LOTS of champagne) 1 party bus Dashes of overwhelmingly tearful and joyful moments Heaps friends and family members from […]

Kelly & Andy | Fort McMurray Wedding Photographers

Jaclyn must have said a dozen times “this is such a special day!”. The first time I remember hearing Jaclyn squeal this with excitement was when her mom surprised her with earrings with teardrop snowglobes, just as she had gotten into her beautiful dress.  The last time I heard her say it was when she realized […]

Jaclyn & PJ | 2.15.2014 | Fort McMurray Wedding Photographers