Recipe for an unforgettable wedding day (feel free to write this down somewhere for future reference!): 2 gorgeous people, who are madly in love 1 good looking and fun bridal party A sprinkle of champagne (okay, LOTS of champagne) 1 party bus Dashes of overwhelmingly tearful and joyful moments Heaps friends and family members from […]

Kelly & Andy | Fort McMurray Wedding Photographers

Jaclyn must have said a dozen times “this is such a special day!”. The first time I remember hearing Jaclyn squeal this with excitement was when her mom surprised her with earrings with teardrop snowglobes, just as she had gotten into her beautiful dress.  The last time I heard her say it was when she realized […]

Jaclyn & PJ | 2.15.2014 | Fort McMurray Wedding Photographers